Founded in late 1976 by Emperor Yaqob of Ethiopia and President Cody of New Africa amidst fears of European aggression after the joint Spanish and French occupation of the Ivory Coast, the African Continental Entente (ACE) was designed to promote African unity and prosperity while providing for mutual defense. The addition of the three Swiss-German colonies to the organization was secured in an agreement between Switzerland and Ethiopia during a state visit to Bern by Emperor Yaqob, bringing the total number of states in the Entente to four, with Swiss-Tanzania and Swiss-Zambia being made independent, and Swiss-Angola being added to South Africa.

African Continental Entente Agreement Edit

In order to preserve the Free African countries from foreign and colonial tyranny, this alliance is put in place in the year 1976 Anno Domini by the Free African Countries in fraternity and continental friendship. We who sign this accord do agree to preserve each other and the happiness of our people through mutual work and cooperation. In order to see success in these goals, we the signers of this agreement do agree to...
1: Provide for mutual defense. Entente members will be required to come to the aid of any other member that are attacked or invaded. This does not apply to wars of offense, however, and an entente member will NOT be required to aid other members invading a sovereign nation. If an entente member attacks another entente member, the defensive party will be the party the rest of the entente will side with.
2: Democratic processes will be upheld within entente member states. Whether this is done through representation or direct democracy is up to the nation, but some system that gives the common man involvement in a nations political systems will be required.
3: Open trade will be fostered between Entente states. This is to ensure the health of the economy in all nations, and to ensure that the internal economy of Africa continues to grow separate of the west. Swiss open trade will be upheld in the former Swiss colonies in accordance to the agreement made to ensure these colonies freedom.
4: The intelligence organizations of Entente nations will work together closely to ensure a web of knowledge exist within the nations belonging to it.
5: Ambassadors will automatically be installed between Entente nations.