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Apocalyptic Britain, also known as Fallout: Britain, was an overdramatic, apocalyptic hellhole of a United Kingdom created by player Nichu. It was a United Kingdom that, since the great war, had been a complete hellhole, with lack of agriculture, and where cannibilism was present. As the name implies, it was a version of the United Kingdom that seemed to belong in an apocalyptic game, rather than Precipice of War.

The full version of Apocalyptic Britains history can be seen below.


When the quagmire of WW1 ended after eleven long years, Great Britain was exhausted mentally, militarily, and physically. Over 10 million men, mostly volunteers from the Isles and conscripts from India died in trenches across the world fighting for absolutely nothing. And the British people knew it. Soon the British government lost most of its colonies such as Australia, India, and Canada to rebel groups fighting on the premise the Crown and their cronies in Parliament cost the lives of all the men and the subsequent fall of the British Crown.(Money introduced by Crown in 1920 in a desperate attempt to save the stagnant wartime economy) Once the war was over, soldiers return.

The flag of Britain and her surviving colonies.

ed to see the Isles overturned by crime and unemployment, rebel groups parading through the streets burning government buildings and executing Royal advisers.

The Crown entered Panic State in 1931 when they ordered the execution of 1,000,000 suspected criminals and rebels, but the military refused. The Crown and the last of their loyalists fought the military at Dublin, Glasgow, and finally at the gates of Buckingham Palace. The Crown evacuated the Palace and tried to fly to Switzerland, but were unintentionally shot down by the French military protecting the border from the encroaching Germans. Unfortunately, all 500,000 Loyalists were left in London to fend for themselves, fighting to the last man at Big Ben, which was hit by an artillery shell and fell at 11:31 P.M. on April 24, 1934, signalling the start of 25 years of anarchy and military rule in Great Britain.

The military rebels which defeated the Loyalists quickly dissolved into warring clans, taking residence in individual towns and fighting each other for land and money. London alone dropped from its population of 6.5 million people in 1925 to 200,000 in 1935. The French sent an expedition sometime in 1939, but once it entered London the expedition's reports stopped, and the few men who came back could never speak again due to the horrors such as mass cannibalism, sadistic torture of their friends, and darkness that permeated the air in burning London.