"It seems that everything's gone wrong
Since Canada came along
"-Kyles Mom, South Park

Blame Canada was a meme started in Precipice of War by a popular South Park video after Canada started a war in the IC. Whenever a problem occurs, a user says, "Blame Canada" and the meme is spread.

Novayaman seems to really like the meme since it was her that was Invaded by Canada. When the littlest problem happens, she nearly always says something related to it, and ends it with "I Blame Canada."

The InvasionEdit

In the story-line of Precipice of War the Canadian Invasion took place in the early winter of 1970. At that point, the US had called for aid to defend their border with the Republic of Northern Florida while troops were shipped to suppress a rebellion in the Philippines (leading to the Battle of Aurora).

While away and the backing that would have helped save the nation several weeks or a month away the Canadian army sprung their trap. The Canadian garrison on the Floridian border launching an attack on the remaining southern states while the main Canadian force sweeps south from Canada. In a matter of weeks the American line had retreated to the Mississipi where St. Louis was laid to siege.


The sign of a good time: Exlposions, yelling, a southern forest, and the US Army being shot to hell by Floridians. (Drawn my AaronMk for Precipice of War.)

The Canadian army could have broken the inexperinced American army (having avoided the Great War) if Canada's Western States had not rebelled and prompted native-born troops to return. Northern Florida had also joined the war on the side of America (after invading Southern Florida) and joined the line on the Missippi.

The war ended with a North American summit that returned to American all lands taken by Canada (save Alaska) and drew the borders for the newest North American nation: The North Western Coalition.

Since then, Canada has been mistrusted on the continent of North America and was closely watched by China as it decided whether or not to return refugees China's politiburo agreed to take in. After several years of peace between 1971-1975 those refugees that hadn't pledged loyalty to China were returned home.

(Article lifted from Sporum Wiki article of same name published by Aaron)

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