• AaronMk91

    So I got around to discovering what I can do as an admin so I did a few changes to the wiki. Most up front is the new theme and color-scheme.

    We're going with a Deus Ex approach because fuck it. I'll have to make something for a background and other things.

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  • AaronMk91

    The Original Art Mission

    October 7, 2012 by AaronMk91

    So, it's not hard to notice on this wiki we're really sort of Googling our pictoral content and I'd like to change that eventually. So, my mission: to draw out original images to represent events, people, or places. Though, some are more a priority than others.

    Namely, I'd like to start on people, particularly those who have a Google-ripped picture already. As stated on my Talk Page I hope to get around to making original portraits of our characters to replace our Google-Ripped images. This I hope will both not only help seperate the RP from the real-world, but add originality and perhaps get us some attention when I post them to my dA. Though, can't really say it'll be much.

    After characters comes events. We can probably stand for having ge…

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  • IamFeokris


    January 31, 2012 by IamFeokris

    I can't wait to start posting as Prussia. Prepare yourselves Europe, Awesomeness is on the way! Kesesese. (Hetalia fans get this.)

    But, seriously... Being Prussia is gonna be great. Playing as Japan, I learned I don't like being isolated islands. I want the risk of people walking into my borders and raising hell. Just seems like it owuld be more fun. Once the Swiss war is over, though... I'm probably gonna have Prussia help with the crisis in Iceland, they'll have their troops in Africa do more relief effort, they might help out Spain... Definitily helping Sweden out with their Finland problem, though.


    I want to make some bad-ass pact with most of NorthWestern Europe now. It'll have Prussia, and Sweden, and Normway, Denmark, Iceland, Ne…

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  • Arnie532


    January 8, 2012 by Arnie532

    So I've made this wiki now and am bored as I wait for things to occur, so basically, I am trying to get achievements. In doing so, I need to make a blog post, hence why I am posting as this is a blog, or something. I am not sure who would really vent their bloggy feelings on a wiki though, of all things. I don't know but it kind of seems odd to me.

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