Started by the Ottoman Empire in the summer of 1970, the alliance only lasted until the closing days of the same year when conflict broke out between member states France and Germany. The CEL, or Central European League, was founded, according to their charter...

-"To further the interests of all the members of CEL"

-"To stabalize the junction of the three continents of Africa, Europe, and Asia"

-"To curtail Nations opposed to the above goals"

-"To establish freindship between the member nations of CEL"

The organization of the CEL followed these rules...

"CEL will be organized into three main organs. A general assembly, an internation court of justice, and a security council. The general assembly will function as a meeting held annualy between the leadeers of every member nation. It will discuss economic, social, and domestic issues. The security council will consist of four elected member nations(elected at the first general assembly) who will hold permanent seats, unless an impeachment vote is held at the general assembly. The security council will serve as the millitary arm of CEL and is responsible to take action when any member state is threatened. The international court of justice will settle legal disputes submitted to it by states and to give advisory opinions on legal questions submitted to it by the general assembly. "

From their founding until their dissolution, the CEL was involved in multiple wars, including the Egyptian Holy War, the Turkish War in the Pacific, as well as several wars in North America where they supported Florida.

The dissolution of the CEL seen European power shift from the Ottoman Empire to Spain, which would continue to dominate European politics up into 1976.