"The Dark Continent" spent most of the 19th century under harsh European rule, exploited by the growing empires of Europe for its large amounts of untapped resources. When the Great War started, Global Power began to shift, and many colonies began to struggle for independence. By the 1970's, these struggles were realized in the Congo and the British colonies of South Africa.

With British and French control over the continent weakening, the Spanish and Ethiopian empires moved to fill the vacuum and more than doubled their respective borders. With new power came new problems, however, and Africa is starting to see itself pulled into the conflicts that dominated politics in the rest of the world.

Spain, the self elected leader in the fight against communism, uses its African territories to collect important resources for the fight against communism. Ethiopia, a nation with possible ties to the communist Chinese, lies pressed against the soft underbelly of Spain and it's vital oil supplies. In the south the Republic of South Africa has begun its own climb out of the colonial era under the guidance of fierce patriots who will stop at nothing to see their countrys greatness realized. 

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