For pages and events deemed non-canonical.

Non-canon is defined as a event, person, or place that is obviously too bullshit to believe, but has not effected the main canon of the RP in any significant degree: whether through display of great legendary skill or technicalities or territory shifts. Events, people, or places that have effected lore in these ways but are obviously bull-shit are subject to canonical alteration, so are not to be listed here.

Determining noncanonical status is best done through discussing it with the GM - AaronMK - and others to determine and judge its status from their perspective. Most pertient to determine this factor would be those who it most directly effects as they may have it in their power to determine if it actually effects them directly, or if they can't alter the history on their own terms through an independent arc of their own writing.

Decleration of noncanon should only be considered in the most extreme instances and only if they can not be explained properly.

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