Once characterized as "The Bermuda Triangle of Precipice", South America has not been very active despite a decent number of applicants due to the tendency of South American players to never post. Several itterations of Argentina and one itteration of Uruguay applied to join the roleplay throughout its existence, but all three mysteriously vanished with no explanation as to where they went; a spooky set of events that has scared other countries away from getting involed in South American affairs lest they too be sucked up by the void and exiled to who knows where. Brazil has seen activity in both a non-canon rebellion in the sporum thread and it's current form in the MCF rp. In the future, it is hoped that there will be successes here, and that Latin America will get a proper representation in the world.

South America, due to the expansion of Spanish power, remained under their colonial thumb for many years more with the exception of Brazil, which was peacefully transitioned from Portugal. During the Great War, the countries of South America realized that they may need to fight an American-style war of independence to claim it. So they joined together in seizing their freedom, which has caused the South American countries to remain much closer to each other after their independence. Due to the extension of the colonial control, South America has adopted many of the stances of their parent country, firmly on the side of democracy and free market. As they faced threats to their survival, the nations of South America gravitated closer together once again. Now Brazil has united with the rest of the South American countries in a new union called the South American Confederacy which effectively lumps their power and influence together. South America, emerging as a new superpower, stands ready to have a significant impact on the world of Precipice.

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