The Changu Pistol is the standard issue handgun of the Chinese Army and its field agents. It was developed in 1965 by the pre-Revolution Nepalese immigrant Ram Bharun Bhuttra.

The pistol is a eight shot revolver used across all fields of the Chinese Army and half-in its police force.


The gun possess a seven and a half inch long rifled barrel. The drum is capable of carrying eight rounds. Although not as fast as western semi-automatics it's often noted as having admirable range and proficient accuracy. They are usually cast from steel with a leather-wrapped of wood-carved grip.

They are generally finished in brass and are built on a simaler frame to magnums.


The pistol was designed by Ram Bharun Bhuttra after responding to the military's call for a new standard in pistols to replace their current too-varied collection. Design began in 1963 and was offered up for testing and production by 1964. By 1967 it had become standard.

The pistol was named after Ram's home village Changunarayan. Although privately he has said:

"I designed the pistol as not only a hommage to where I came from but also of Changu Narayan, or Vishnu.

Although not neccesairly the universe I hope my creation services just as well as a preserver for its user's life in dire circumstances."


The pistol is used broadly across the Chinese military. Though has been modified slightly for the roles it fills.

In order to store it comfortably in their airplane the NPLAF generaly makes use of shorter barreled pistols to help save room in the cockpit.

The Navy favors water-proofed or salt-resistant models to save time from extra cleaning. In these events an extra exterior layer of nickle may be overlayed.

The Inteligence Buereau customizes their guns to fill the roles agents need to take. Barrels may be shortened to make them more concealable, or longer-barreled models ordered for additional range. Pistol scopes may also be used. Agents may also do their own work, hair-pinning the trigger, carving out the grip more for weight, making it heavier to serve as an additional melee/clubbing weapon.