Drafted December 15, 1970.


The nations of Africa, after the enduring the torments of colonization and abuse of foreign rule, have the right to freedom and self goverance. These rights should naturally be assumed theirs, and preventing infringement on these rights should be the personnal crusade of every person who dwells on this continent. It is the likewise the crusade of the Ethiopian government, which looks not to simply replace the colonialists as exploiters of African resources or invaders on African pride. None the same, much of the world still sees us as open for exploitation and most of the continent is as of the adoption of this document under the immoral control of foreign governments. If we are to endure these continued abuses, free Africa must band together to work for the continued expansion of our cause.

Summary of Laws and Rights Ennumerated Within This DocumentEdit

-The Ethiopian nation does not wish to use Africa as an extension of it's own nation, and as such governments in the Congo, Sudan, and any new nations that join our cause after the adoption of this document will be granted their own governments independent of the Ethiopian Parliament.
-To ensure continued unity, Emperor Yohannes will be made, with the approval of the free African nations, Emperor of Africa. Free African nations who wish to live with the protection of this pan-african empire will be required to submit only to the Emperor.
-The Imperial government will not micromanage the free african states. Much like the Holy Roman Empire of old, the Imperial government will allow many freedoms to the free african nations in exchange for cooperation and support when foreign threats appear. Local governments will be free to govern their local affairs.
-The Free African nations of the Pan-African Empire will be expected to look at conflicts in other free african nations through a pact of mutual protection. Trade between free african states can be handled at the discretion of their local governments.
  • Local Government means governments of free african nations