The companies and products that exist in precipice are different than the real world. Oil is controlled by different people, cars are produced by different companies, and the products consumed have different names. Sometimes they have the same name, but whether or not they exist needs confirmation. This list should help provide names should anyone want to namedrop things that have been mentioned in other parts of the RP for greater continuity. It should also be noted that similar products produced by nationalized communist industries also count. For media or weapons, click their links for their own list pages.

Natural ResourcesEdit


British Petroleum: (British. Originally Anglo-Persian Oil; Nationalised by Persia 1970)

SONAP, or Société Nationale Persane de Pétrole et de Gaz(Persian)

Compañía Petrolera Española (Spanish)

Royal Dutch Shell (Dutch)

EthiPec, or Ethiopian National Petroleum Corporation (Ethiopian)

Petrobras (Brazil)

NWC United (NWC)

OSI (Sweden, secertly prospecting Barents sea)

Dixon Oil (USA family-ran oil company, grand-fathered out of current US regulation)

Commercial ProductsEdit

Alcohol Edit

San Miguel: (Spanish, Beer)


Prima Cosecha (Spanish)


NPCM, or National Persian Car Manufacturer(Persian-Monopoly abolished 1975)

Mi-Kang , Chinese light engine/automotive design bureau charged with creating light-body sedans in 1971.

Senchuan , Chinese heavy engine/automotive organization who originally helped build tanks and heavy trucks and tractors. Charged with the assembly of heavy civilian vehicles such as vans and trucks in 1971.


Bank of Persia(Persian)

Persian Bank for Economic Devellopment(Persian)

Arms ManufactureEdit

IMBEL (Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil) (Brazil)

Embraer (Brazil)

Avibras (Brazil)

Fabrica de Armas Armitage-Diaz (Spain)

NEWI - New England Weapons Industry (New England)