Dağıstan was a Russo-Turkic nation on the Eastern side of the Caucus mountains, bordering the Caspian Sea. Between April of 1970 and November 25th of 1970 the region was wracked with instability and ethnic revolution concerning its affiliation with the Turkish Empire to the south. The exact beginning dates of this revolution can not be easily calculated due to it having been started before any of the RP's dating conventions.

Ethnic RevolutionEdit

Proped up by the Turkish TRC, Turkocentric groups in Dağıstan were mobilized in a much more militant way in a front to rid their nation of the Russians. "Simultanious Revolution" erupted across Dağıstan with a wide number of protests in the larger cities and total armed take-over of smaller towns. The rural reaches of the nation were unaffected by the initial beginnings of the rioting.

Particularly violent groups were supplied in a round-about method by the Turkish government in order to continue the revolution and cause more mayhem in the nation, increasing its instability.

Three RevolutionsEdit

As the Turkish-supported revolution grew in intensity so did its respondents. In response to the rising tensions and chaos within the Russian and Chinese (likely having fled China itself after the outcome of the Chinese Civil War) minorities living in Dağıstan reacted violently.

As such, the territory became hot for weapons and the Turks found it difficult to supply French AUG's to the region.

Victories of November 1stEdit

On November 1st, 1970 the violence had reached its peak and outside the capital the Turkish ethnic groups of Dağıstan descended on the capital, firing wildly in the air in celebration of their leader's "inspiring words". Dağıstani Turks clashed with government soldiers in the streets and the resulting battle became that of a mob scene. Chemical weapons were utilized in an attempt to quell the crowds to limited effect, as the casualties only angered them more.

Several political leaders of the old Dağıstani government were caught up in the fighting and were outright slain. By the end of November 1st, the Dagestani Turks had claimed the capital city of Makhachkala.

Announcement of SuccessEdit

On November 25th the new Turkic Revolution government declared the revolution successfull, having stamped out the rest of the government forces. It declared itself the Turkish Republic of Dağıstan. Although not a direct territory of the Sultinate of Turkey, it maintains a close associate with Turkey.

Remobalization of the TRCEdit

After this success in Dagestand the TRC was confident and remobilized to Iraq in order to stir unrest by allying itself with the growing Kurdish and Turkic groups within.