Ethiopian technology being backward is a meme that originated from the fact that, while most players have developed or maintained high tech equipment and had said equipment play a major role in their military, Ethiopia had a relatively low tech army with what technology they do posess rarely playing a noteworthy role in what Ethiopia does. One of the most interesting examples of this is that, while Ethiopia is in the possession of tank technology, as of now (2/5/12), Ethiopia has never actually used a tank. This, combined with the natural assumption in the western world that largely third world Africa is not as technologically inclined as much of the world, jokes about the technological backwardness of Ethiopia are posted from time to time. These usually take the form of anti-bragging, in that when other players are talking about their technology, another player (usually vilage but occasionally not) will brag about a silly Ethiopian "Technology". Examples are things such as the Ethiopian military putting cans in the spokes of bike wheels so they sound like motorcycles, or Ethiopia still using biplanes while everyone else uses jets (though this is partly true as the Ethiopian airforce in precipice includes biplanes for recon purposes.)