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Father Radek, or Dymtro Radek is a Russian revolutionary and head of the western communist movement in Russia known as Neo Bolshevikism. Radek has been an aggresive member of the movement since the 60's after growing out of favor with the clergy and tzardom. In terms of leadership, Radek replaced Ilya Zhdavov as the the figurehead for the restless communist movement.


Priot to his involvement with the Neo Bolshevik movement Dymtro Radek was a priest in the Russian Orthodox church. However, his experiences with the church and the tzardom it served only served to bitter his relationships with the higher eschalons for not serving the needs of Russia as he believed they should be doing. hording the wealth and property they owned as opposed to using them to better the life of Russians everywhere.

Throwing away the life of the clergy, Radek became active in the Neo-Bolshevik commune in Somlensk, keeping the title of "father" as a memento of his former life. He was the right-hand man to Illya Zhdavov until 1967 when Illya was slain in a raid of a royal magistrate's office and Radek and many of the other followers arrested and emprisoned in the Vyakta Internment Center in the southern Urals.


Radek served his sentence for three years in the damp, cold prison until achieving freedom through an orchestrated prison break. Gathering around him the other political dissadents they overthrew the prison authority and took control of the building. This act would serve as a call for a national uprising during a time the Empire was dealing with similar Revolution in Siberia, and a pair of fated Finns were on a mission to slay the tzar.


After breaking free of the prison his Revolution began to grow, threatening the Imperial authorities. Fighting the improvement of life in Russia he attracted the loyalties of several Imperial Army generals who were disheartened with the orders from the tzar to kill the Revolutionaries. The defections Radek inspired swelled his forces with loyal members, both skilled, armed, and trained.


Radek stand as a large figure with a aged and worn face. He is bald, though he wears an immense beard much like the preachers in the Orthodox faith. He is considered collected and often wise, even by some enemies.

Western Communes[]

With his success in stirring Revolutionary spirit the Neo Bolsheviks viewed Radek as the figurehead for their Revolution and guiding power. And when the Communes centered in the old Imperial capital of Saint Petersburg were established elected him as chair and grand secretary to their movement. Radek has since forth been a part of the affairs to balance and manage their federated state of communes with the Council. In addition to commanding its armed forces in fighting off the communes enemies and bringing the Revolution to more of Russia.