Traditional Finnish Flag. Not necessarily Precipice Cannon.

Finland has been a nation full of rebellion and conflict, and it was often here that the world seemed to teeter on the precipice of war. Finland has been played by two different people in different incarnations; the Vallankumous Finns of shadeofmoose318, and the Communist Finns of prospo. Finland is rare in that it is one of the few nations that have been played by two different people where both incarnations remain cannon. The Vallankumous Finns were instrumental in the dissolution of the Russian Empire by causing the assassination of the Tsar. This act helped insure the unstability of Russia and lead to the current warring states period in Russian history. Communist Finland came to power in the vacuum that was post-Russian Finland, overthrowing the weakened Finnish Boyar government and creating a Communist Finnish state in the Finnish Revolution. An Anti-Communist Coalition, lead by Spain, attempted to overthrow the Communist regime and return the Boyars to power in a conflict that ended with the Treaty of Addis Ababa, which agreed to split the nation into two parts; the Boyar South Finland and the Communist North Finland. Currently unplayed, both Finnish States are open to being adopted to new players.