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The Founding Members of Gnau, Spain (Orange), Canada (Red), the North Western Coalition (blue), and the New England Republic (Yellow).

The GNAU ( Greater North Atlantic Union ) was a coalition of countries with very similar ideals and goals formed at the start of the war between the USSA and Spain. Though the idea to form the coalition had been floating around long before the conflict, it wasn't until hostilities between the soon -to-be member countries and the USSA escalated that it was finally formed.

The GNAU is a military and scientific organization formed out of the need to provide security, as well as a technological edge from/against those outside of the group. Though it never left its first stages before being disbanded, the GNAU aimed to combine the power ( Both militarily and economically ) of all of it's members and looked to keep those under its flag safe.

The idea behind the GNAU was to provide it's members with a sense of security through a mutual protection agreement.

It's disbandment came when New England Republic leader, Robert Holland, became upset at what the organization had become. He envisioned the organization as one that would protect its citizens and promote the rights to freedom and liberty, but instead it became an anti-communist organization heavily influenced by member countries' such as Spain and Canada ( both anti-communist ). Later, the North Western Coalition's use of chemical warare on USSA citizens enraged Robert Holland even further, resulting in the organization's disbandment.

NASTA ( Sub-branch )[]

There was one other known sub-branch of the GNAU, known as NASTA ( North Atlantic Science and Technology Agency ). NASTA's goal was to combine the efforts ( and funds ) of the member countries' top scientist in an effort to become the most scientifically advanced nations on the Precipice world.


The GNAU headquarters were to be located within the New England Republic, but the ever-present threat of USSA invasion ad the eventual disbandment of the organization ended the plans for its construction.

Member Countries[]

The GNAU member countries were the New England Republic, Spain, Canada, and the North Western Coalition.