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Emperor Hirohito ==

Hirohito is the current emperor of Japan, who, now in his seventies, is expected to step down, or designate an heir, soon. He has seen many wars in his life, and has come out of each of them in a stable state.

He currently has taken Japan out of it's Isolated state, and has restarted trade with other countries. He has started scientific agreements with Poland and the NER, made promises to supply Australia with different weapons and vehicles, and even has begun speaking to China and the rest of the ASB again.

When Hirohito recieved word of the NWC attacks of Seattle, he immediately decided Japan would react. His initial choice was to send in a secret force with trade ships,t hat owuld simultaneously hit the NWC's forces from the West, as USSA soldiers hit from the South. THis, however, changed after Hirohito recieved a letter from Chairman Hou of the ASB, requesting they plan their attacks together, along with the USSA Presiden Fernandez. A meeting was arranged to discuss how the three countries would handle this, which is currently still in session.