The Indian Unity Army was a short lived rebel army based in Srinigar, Kashmir. Their primary goal was to unite the Indian subcontinent as a nation once again. They achieved minor goals in the region of Kashmir and disrupted the local government. But were quicky dispatched.


Their actions in India had caught the attention of several parties looking to tip the balance in their favor over the war-zone that is India. China, Persia, and Spain both looked to contact the organization in some way. This in turn lead to the groups down-fall.

In the winter of 1977 the Chinese IB had dispatched a unit of units into the region to scout Kashmir and gauge its threat as well as capabilities of the IUA. A team of six of these agents managed to make it as far as Srinigar where they engaged in a man-hunt and race for the IUA with Spanish agents.

The competition that both sides didn't know they were on came to a head outside of a small rural home south-east of Srinigar where both Spanish and Chinese agents had pinned Aagney - the leader of the group - and his higher officers live. A violent shoot out ensued.

Seeking refuge in the house with IUA fighters the Spanish spy and his translator and guide attempted to hold back six Chinese IB snipers as they suppressed the men in the houses from afar, and by surrounding the building. The shootout came to its peak when the sniper team eventually set fire to the home, driving the men inside out. Aagney, the Spaniard, and his guide were all wounded. Where as the rest were wounded or slain in their retreat.

The move was a killing blow to the young IUA. With the command dead, and their leader now locked up in China they are no longer a threat, or factor. Since, Chinese forces have come to occupy the region alongside the The United Front for India.