AS OF THE RPGUILD ERA, THIS CHARACTER IS NO LONGER CANON (and probably doesn't even exist.)

King Charles - Born Charles Phillip Arthur George is the current ruling monarch of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland: the United Kingdom. Crowned shortly after the assasination of Francis Drake and the dissolution of the Swiss-backed government on the UK, King Charles is a return to the traditional methods of government before the Anarchy that swept England in the middle of the century.

Early LifeEdit

With the dissolution of the British monarchy due to the Anarchy, the heir apperant was put into hiding to protect him. Charles biological parents were murdered or went missing during the turbulent times, as well as his brothers and sisters. To protect him, Charles was adopted out to a loyalist couple in Ireland. Which was surprising, given his new guardians were fairly ordinary people by royal standard.

His adoptive parents - John and Martha Connel - were ordinary people living in Dublin. Martha worked as a tailor in the local area. John was a veteran of the Great War, where he had lost his arm; despite his disability though, he worked as a rather profound carpenter in the area.

Due to the anarchy though, his biological brothers, sisters and cousins went missing or were killed on the raid on Buckingham Palace and the other homes to the royalty. Though, he had an adopted sister: Angela Connel.

Growing up in Dublin he attended a number of public schools still functioning in the area. After, he failed to go to college, instead taking up an apprenticeship with his father and learning the trade where he worked on several reconstruction efforts before enrolling into the army. He was designated a member of Drake's personal bodyguard up until his assasination, when he was discovered to be the true heir to Britain.


Still being a young king on the throne much of Charle's actions have been minimal. Though being the ruling monarch he has effectivly restored the throne of the United Kingdom and of the believed dead seccession.