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Welcome to the Precipice of War wiki! With Precipice lore spanning over 144 pages of roleplaying, over three years' worth as of February 2014, the amount of relevant lore has begun to stack up noticably. Whether you are new to Precipice and need to know something, or are a veteran and just want to nostalgia, this wiki is the best bet. This type of thing doesn't happen magically though, and we will need Precipers to install their knowledge of the goings on within the wiki, past and present, so that said knowledge will be on display for all to see. IC Precipice knowledge will mostly be gained in one of seven threads:

Another important thing to note is canon. Canon is a term applied to basiclly anything taken as undeniable fact about the Precipice universe. Some nations or actions, due to inactivity or poor posting by a player, are not recognized as historical despite being posted in the threads. The Arbiter of Canon is general decision by AaronMk or the older members of the RP. It is important to keep this in mind, particularly when going through threads. For instance, there have been several iterations of Britain, but because they were short lived only the newest is considered canon. For the purposes of this wiki, non-canon material can be posted for the sake of remembering our past, but it should be marked as such so that people don't mistake it for story-fact.

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Post Catalogues[]

This is a very grandiose project to log all the posts and the gist of what they are about to make old posts more easily searchable. The system is going to be somewhat based on what I (vilageidiotx) have done with Ethiopian posts in my OPs. Hopefully this will greatly simplify browsing the threads and help make it easier to find when or where something happened.

Post Calendar

Gorgen Era

Aaron Era


RolePlayer Guild Era


Not sure what to read? Here are a couple of lists about stuff.

Listed by Article Type

Listed by Article Location


Not everything necessitates an entire article, but it is good to get a list of these things none the same in order to get an idea of what exists. This is something I hope to be useful in cases of weapons, vehicles, companies, media outlets, etc. which others might want to name drop in or reference in order to make a cohesive world.

Useful Infoboxes[]

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To Do List...[]

  • Write articles regarding all relevant Precipice topics
  • Change the visuals to be more Precipey ✓
  • Create wiki formats to simplify the process
  • Infoboxes for Nations based on CIA fact sheet info. ✓
  • Create a banner that is pretty sweet
  • Create an icon that is also pretty sweet
  • Blame Canada ✓
  • ???
  • Profit!

The World as of now![]

Map of the world 1980.png

Bright Red - New People's China (AaronMK)

Dark Yellow - Second Spanish Republic (gorgenmast)

Bright Green - Ethiopian Empire (Vilageidiotx)

Light Green - Federative Republic of Brazil (Open (Pending a return by Mihndar))

Dark Green - The Kingdom of Italy (WiltedRose)

Dark Blue - France

Light Blue - Prussia/Germany (Pepperm1nts/HugTheZombies (On an advisory basis))

Medium Blue - United States of America (Byrd Man)

Purple - Republic of Armenia (TheEvanCat)

Faded Red - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Morden Man)

Lime Green - State of Persia (Open (Pending return of Veoline)

Pink- Georgia

Light Red (North America) - Mexico

Dark Brown - Japanese Empire (Shyri/Feokris)

Bright Yellow - Serbia

Rosy Brown (yes it's a color) - Romania

Cream - Hungary

Orange - Croatia-Slovenia

Sky Blue- India

Light Purple- New Zealand

All other countries which are white or gray are playable.

All other countries which are reddish are in the Third International and under the influence of China, but are still playable.

Latest activity[]