The BeginningEdit

The Raiders was not like today, a large organization of mercenaries. No, before, it was just a small band of theives. This small band of theives, however, was and expert at plundering enemies' supply lines. They became so famous, or infamous, that Australia had taken notice of them. When Autsralian government finally caught up with the Raiders, they proposed a deal. If the government pays them, whether in cash or firepower, the Raiders would attack whomever the government wants. The Raiders agreed. That is the beginning, when the Raiders went, from petty crime and robbery, to full-time mercenaries.

The Turning PointEdit

Years past, and history repeats itself. The Raiders gets paid, this time by a different government, the target gets killed. Finally, when the organization was too large for agreements to be placed just by yelling at each other, they decided to choose a leader. The Raiders were smart though, they didn’t just choose a leader. No, they chose three leaders! The plan was that, it will be easier to come to agreements, but without the risk of power hungry knuckleheads to form. They chose three people; their names were Rachel Smith, Chris Liu, and Dave Raynor. Undisputedly, the three leaders decided to add Dave’s name to the organization, for the fact that it was him, who yelled the idea for more than one leader. That was the turning point for the Raiders, or should I say, Raynor's Raiders. They became a feared organization. They were paid, and then hunted their target, with no end. They will never stop hunting their targets down, until either one drops dead. They've been known to cause large scale devastation. Whether they killed a politician, or they cross arms with an army, casualty rates were very high. Not much more is known about them, besides the fact that they shortened their name to RR. If for a fact that they failed a mission, they will retreat, and if retreat was not possible, suicide. Of course, no matter what, Australia is the first country that hired them, and will never betray that country. Unless for a large enough price that Australia couldn't even hope to beat, but that, my friends, is a story for another time.

Beijing Helicopter IncidentEdit

Though not known by the Chinese, the raiders were the ones responsible for the Beijing Helicopter Incident .