The SU-27, or Sukhoi SU-27, was an airplane developed by The Republic of Northern Florida in mid 1970. At the time of its release, it was top of the line technology; a suprising production considering Florida had only been independent for less then a year. The Sukhoi seen service in the North American Wars of late 1970 under Florida's use. Though Florida would collapse by the end of the year, Sukhois sold to Ethiopia and gained by India would still see service, with the Indian Sukhoi being discovered and studied by Chinese aircraft engineers for further research (In addition to a wing of Sukhois stolen from Cuba shortly after the RNF's collapse). As of 1976, out of the original Floridian Sukhois, only those possessed by Ethiopia are still in service.

Canon StatusEdit

As of 11/2/13 the Sukhoi was deemed non-canon material by a consensus in the PoW OOC thread over jet technology in general. The intent of the discussion being to reorganize tech levels to be closer to the first intentions of Gorgenmast, as well as to balance tech to accordance of a lack of severe world-wide conflict to otherwise drive late-gen jets such as the SU-27 and the general habit of having euro-fighters.

As well, concerns of balance were raised in which it was noted that the jet-fighters mobilized would be more-or-less impervious to the anti-air systems currently deployed, and thus too easily tipping the scales of a battle to anyone who has put out jet aircraft by capitalizing on their speed and altitude advantages over flak guns.

A compromise was met where first-jets could be a possibility in a select for nations such as Spain or China, provided they're based on the concept of the ME-262. There's a probability that the US and RNF could possess experimental jet aircraft similar to keep similar capabilities in both country's hands and to not invalidate previous archs concerning them.