Sven Frihet-Kampe is the recognized leader of Northern Finland and Scandinavian Revolutionary. Sven took the name Frihet-Kampe as a moniker, meaning Freedom Fighter. His rise to political importance was noted in 1971 with his arrival in northern Finland and the rallying of a sizable militia and revolutionary army within weeks in an attempt to overthrow the Boyar prince who had named himself the king of the former Russian Grand-Duchy. His violent rise in power in Finland was ultimately answered by Spain who sought to reverse his expansive growth and check any and all attempts at Communist growth in Europe.

Sven often preaches a brand of Neo-Bolshevikism imported from Russia. In his twist he expounds the importance of national heroes, almost to the point of religious importance. As well as national solidarity between all Scandinavian peoples as he defines the Scandinavian political realm. And namely so under the guise of Communism. But also more-so in invoking the nationalistic tragedy and power of his people and their states over world-wide revolution.

Before his power was quenched, Sven's ultimate goal was the liberation of many northern hemisphere nations and their unification in his nationalistic philosophy of communism.

Sven is the political head of the Free Communist Peoples of Scandinavia.

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