The Federated Republics of Prussia, also known as the FRP, was a union between the states of Belgium, Luxembourg, Prussia, and South Austria. It was formed when Prussian Prime Minister, Falk Rhineheardt, decided to "Unite the German People under one flag.", and went around Northern Europe forcing any German-speaking country to join. There were no complications until Switzerland. The Swiss refused to join, and Prussia, not happy about that, threw the countries into the Swiss War. The war lasted multiple months, but was finally ended, thanks to the French. In the end, Switzerland won the war, and, in collaboration with ex-German President, Lucas Faber, managed to scam the Prussians into giving up all their land in South Africa, disband their union, and reinstate Faber into power. Along with all of this, Prussia became a vassal-state of Switzerland, and now all major decisions for the country are handled by the Swiss.