The Roman Republican Council, more frequently known as the Roman Rebellion, is a sizable terrorist group that operates in Central Italy, near Rome, as one might expect, with a smaller contingent in the Po Valley to the north. Their oft-stated goal is a coup that removes the Italian dictator, Batista, and replaces Italy's government with a Roman-style Senate (with certain revisions). Beyond that, they wish to expand Italian influence across Europe and North Africa (at least; non-Ethiopian North Africa.) They have attracted a goodly amount of followers, mainly among the Italian lower middle class, who have become disgruntled with the weak showing Italy has internationally. (The RRC's flair for the dramatic probably helped.)

They were founded in 1970 by the late Adriano Amadeus, who foresaw a revitalization of the Republican ideals as necessary to halt the flow of authoritarianism that seemed to be spreading from the Eastern Communist Bloc. A strong bulwark was needed, he believed, to halt communism, and that would take a united Europe. Europe wasn't going to unite itself. The RRC sees expansion as a time-consuming (over decades, if not centuries) endeavor, but one well-worth the reward.

The rebellion has mainly consisted of bombings (notably the bombing of Rome's Metro subway system) and assassinations of low-end officials.

Little is known of the secretive Council's organization, but due to their neo-Romanism in so much else (Italian soldiers have reported RRC encampments using Latin, the language of the ancient Romans as challenge words) it can safely be assumed that their system mirrors the Legion system used by the Romans.

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