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I am the great purveyor or lore, grand master of the text, and current owner of Precipice of War. Aftering being picked for GM of PoW back in the Sporum days I ran PoW to over a hundred pages before it ended abruptly.

Some several months later, it was revived and reposted to the MineCraft forums with a time-skip to tie up loose ends and make joining it again a little easier. Though granted, over this period of nothing a few things were forgotten, which I'm trying to remember, if we haven't moved on past its relevence.

In any case, I run the RP now. Though I do rely on the thoughts and actions of others. I admit to not knowing everything, being esspecially lousy in the arms department and I encourage anyone to speak up on anything and to discuss it in the RP's OOC thread.

Until then, party hard.


IF you do feel like you want to speak with me one something then feel free to PM me on the MCF. Alternativly, I use my DeviantArt ( and YouTube channel ( daily. For live chat, there's always my Steam account, which I am also on in some way, shape, or form daily (Steam Account: The_Taunter/Shooty Face Mc Gofish).

Steam is probably the prefered contact do in part to it being a little more "live" than DeviantArt or YouTube and things can be discussed in real time point-per-point. But if I'm unreachable, and you just want to tell me something in the hopes I'll get it when I'm avaible and can be reached, use the other methods.

Additionally, for members of the ECF ( I am generally lurking there in some way so can probably be PM'd.

Alternativly there's FaceBook and EMail, but those are private and I'm likely to delete you from FB on first look of someone I don't know trying to add me.

Art Note[]

Personally, I'm getting a little distraught at the image-pulls being used as character portraits for their Wikia profiles. So at some point I'm going to have to get down and draw more "custom" portraits so they're less of a Google Image search result. So if you have the time, I'd like character descriptions, or I'll just make a portrait similar to whatever picture you got up.