So, it's not hard to notice on this wiki we're really sort of Googling our pictoral content and I'd like to change that eventually. So, my mission: to draw out original images to represent events, people, or places. Though, some are more a priority than others.

Namely, I'd like to start on people, particularly those who have a Google-ripped picture already. As stated on my Talk Page I hope to get around to making original portraits of our characters to replace our Google-Ripped images. This I hope will both not only help seperate the RP from the real-world, but add originality and perhaps get us some attention when I post them to my dA. Though, can't really say it'll be much.

After characters comes events. We can probably stand for having generalized images to represent conflicts and the like for a while so it's not a major deal. Though I urge that we do at least seek out images that best fit the time-period this RP is supposed to be in, as well as a represent the actual circumstances and nature.

The lowest on the priority list are locations and cities. So long as you add a picture that doesn't include landmarks that would give it away as being from not only the wrong era - but universe - there's nothing really lost. A prime-example would be cities like Seattle, which would not have the Space Needle given the Space Race wasn't even a thing then, nor was it likely the Worlds Fair was ever held there. So, it'd be nice if we practiced research to acquire pictures of cities to properly represent them. A number of economic concerns too would need to be addressed on account the PoW-verse probably isn't as our world is/was economically so there's likely going to be a lack of international corporations with head-quarters. Probably more local buisinessess.

No Space Needles.

So yeah, that's my mission.