I can't wait to start posting as Prussia. Prepare yourselves Europe, Awesomeness is on the way! Kesesese. (Hetalia fans get this.)

But, seriously... Being Prussia is gonna be great. Playing as Japan, I learned I don't like being isolated islands. I want the risk of people walking into my borders and raising hell. Just seems like it owuld be more fun. Once the Swiss war is over, though... I'm probably gonna have Prussia help with the crisis in Iceland, they'll have their troops in Africa do more relief effort, they might help out Spain... Definitily helping Sweden out with their Finland problem, though.


I want to make some bad-ass pact with most of NorthWestern Europe now. It'll have Prussia, and Sweden, and Normway, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands.... *Continues dreaming of life as an Awesome Prussia*

PS. I'm an achievement whore. I'm now tied for 3rd place.