The VX Bombing of Seattle was a chemical weapons attack on the city of Seattle perpetuated by the North Western Coalition on the evening of August 5th, 1976. The attack is the first major chemical weapons attack on a civilian target, completly killing off the population of Seattle, Washington.

The US government responded with an invasion of the NWC and eventually signing an agreement with the NWC to cede all functions of the region to the US in order to hunt the faction within the NWC government responsible for calling the attack. Forensics sampling and the retrieval of the VX nerve agent allowed for the US to research and produce gas-masks capable of blocking the agent in its current form. Though continued research is still needed.

Similar AttacksEdit

The Russian Republic would threaten a similar attack on China and the Siberians if they did not meet their demands to trade with them. China vocally refused and armed itself.

However, the nerve agent never reached China as it was turned back on Russian airfields.

The source of their VX was revealed to be Spain during the Moscow conference shortly after to Brazil , China, Poland , and Sweden . No information if any nations have made their knowledge on the subject public, though China has sent the information to Ethiopia as a sign of good-will between them, as well to their comrades in the ASB.


In May of 1977 following a lack of progress in the investigation of Seattle, China volunteered to aid in the forensic analysis and research of Seattle by dispatch several chemists and doctors to the city of Seattle to aid in the formal investigation of the event. The IB-sponsored team is working closesly with Ryan Ritchens of the US to discern the full damages of VX. In addition, hopefully conduct chemical analysis on surviving samples of VX in the rainy city.