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Zhou Henjibou - refered to as Colonel Henjibou in formal situations - is a Chinese officer in charge of the Chinese High Altitude Bomber project (file name still needs to be obtained). Over the five-years the project has been planned and the prototype constructed he has since been promoted to a Colonel and has full control over the operations of the project, save for funding.

Appeals are made to the Gobi operations commander of the NPLAF command should he have issues with funding.


Zhou Henjibou remains a rather undetailed character with an as-of-yet un-polished back story. It's hoped that it may be changed soon. As of now, several facts can are certain:

  • He joined the military as a jet mechanic ten years ago. He was posted at the Harbin Airforce base before being re-deployed to Ulaanbaatar in north-central Mongolia. He remained as a career choice, taking an officer rank in the mechanics and engineer department on base.
    • As per the situation of a mechanic and an airforce man he was trained to fly and as part of his role description was permitted to fly aircraft as part as his diagnostic routines.
  • He was born in Anqing in Anhui province.
  • He was promoted to Colonel shortly after the initiation of the HAB project.

The HAB project[]

Henjibou's involvement in the HAB project began sometime in mid-January when he was allowed leave to Beijing from his third homebase of Deep Gobi-1 on the premise of "mechanical research to pursue new directions for the NPLAF". By early Febuary he had worked out a rudimentary design which he submitted personally to General Han Jang and his base commander in a private meeting.

Shortly after the project was green-lit and further research in design and engineering progressed as well as hardware and material producers in China. Sometime after the ending of the Second Gen thread he was promoted to Colonel.

He recruited the aid of a friend - Ai Daohue, a rocketry enthusiast on base - to help design the booster rockets and engines proposed.

Due to design constraints his original proposal of 150 kilometers had to be dropped to 100 kilometers to allow for an easier target.

The two OARP projects are an off-shot of the HAB project and data on therocket integrity and design lessons from the rockets used to launch them were collected by Henjibou's men for analysis on threat levels on the project, crew, and effiency. Henjibou declared the rockets unfit for use and petitioned to wait for a more reliable rocket to be developed while they continue ironing out the kinks prevelant at "low-level" 30 kilometer altitudes.

Minister of Science and Technology[]

On June 8th Henjibou was officially informed of his appointment to Minister of Science and Technology. His promotion officially takes effect on July 2nd.